If you want your real concerns addressed, elect the Did You Know Team as a block in the coming ACANSW election in November 2016. We will ensure your Executive lobbies forcefully and persistently on your behalf for the following changes:

  1. ACANSW members will be strongly represented at the Fair Work Commission in the Equal Remuneration Case where United Voice is pressing for a $10 per hour (not per day or week!) pay rise and also that…
  2. ACANSW members will be strongly represented at the Fair Work Commission regarding the four yearly review of the Industry Award. 'United Voice' is asking for eight hours programming time per educator. That will require one additional educator for every four currently employed. That could mean an increase in your wage bill of 25%!
  3. Immediate withdrawal of the proposal for the Child Care Benefit to be paid on hours attended rather than the current per day booked payment because it will force up fees for families even further while putting our centres at greater financial risk.
  4. Government to adopt an objective planning system to ensure centres are only built in areas where they are needed.
  5. Immediately scrap the Work/Study test proposals from the Federal Budget because this action will force many of our children out of quality assured centre based early learning altogether while many more will face vastly reduced attendances to again threaten the viability of many of our centres.
  6. Remove subjectivity and lack of transparency around NQS assessment immediately and replace it with an objective measurement system based on outcomes not personal opinion.
  7. We would be delighted to hear from you on the issues that are really worrying you. Call me (Lyn) on 0425 225 275 or Theresa 0425 224 516. Alternatively just email us at support@didyouknowteam.org We'd like particularly to hear from regional members who often have problems unique to their location.
  8. Make sure to read our Did You Know Team news updates every week because they will provide more information on the election and how to make sure your vote counts as well as the biggest issues affecting us all in the next 12 months.

Voting for the Did You Know Team will ensure you get an experienced, dedicated Executive that will lobby long and hard for changes needed to ensure you are not overwhelmed by red tape, regulation and general lack of interest from the powers that be on the issues that affect us most.

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